“Aniv” UCO LLC was established by “Aniv” Rural Small Business Support Foundation. The latter was set up in 2000 for the implementation of rural funding sub-component of Rural Services Development Program of International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Government of Armenia.

“Aniv” Foundation is a non-profit and non-membership organization founded based on voluntary property payments of “Shen” Benevolent Non-Governmental Organization. Its activity is focused on boosting the economic activity of acting and newly established entities in remote rural areas aimed at the improvement of the living standard of the rural population, increase of their income and reduction of unemployment and emigration.

In 2000-2006 “Aniv” Foundation disbursed over 350 loans with the total sum of USD 3,4 million, at 5-15% annual rate resulting in the creation of about 1600 sustainable work places in remote rural areas of Armenia.

In 2006 the legislative changes halted the lending activity of “Aniv” Foundation. Driven by the aim to continue its obligations within the international agreement “Aniv” Foundation set up “Aniv” UCO LLC, through which now it is extending pretty affordable credits to farmers and legal entities of remote rural areas.

“Aniv” Foundation is the 100% shareholder and sole participant of “Aniv” UCO LLC. The supreme governing body of the Foundation is the Board of Trustees which consists of 5 independent members. The management of day-to-day activity of the Foundation is carried out by the Executive Director of the Foundation.