“Aniv” UCO LLC offers commercial and agricultural loans to farmers and legal entities acting in Armenia. Special attention is paid to funding those businesses in remote rural areas which will enable the local socially vulnerable people to improve their social-economical conditions and strengthen their independence by means of profit generated from the economic activity. The Company offers loans and credits also to those groups of people from remote areas for whom the services of other financial institutions are not accessible, as well as to those institutions which promote creation of sustainable work places for the disadvantaged strata of the population. underprivileged class.

At present, Aniv UCO provides SME development loans, as well as loans in the scopes of Millennium Challenge Account-Armenia’s "Water to the market program., as well as loans within the frame of projects implemented with “Yalkezian” Inc. fund.

AMD loans provided for the development of agribusiness sector can be submitted for interest subsidization in the frame of the Loan interest subsidization program implemented by the Government of RA.

The criterion for positive decision on submitted loan applications are:
1. Permanent development of the business
2. Positive credit history
3. Presentation of credible information
4. High level of responsibility and goal-orientation
5. Realistic business plan
6. Sufficient level of business creditworthiness

The loan application will be rejected in case of negative credit history or absence of 3-6 criterion. 

The company makes its decision about the credit application in 30 day term at maximum and informs the applier about the decision during 2 workdays after it has been made.

The loan is actually provided to the borrower during 2 banking days at maximum after the signing of all contracts and the presentation of the package of all necessary documents.

All the loans are provided by transfering the loan ammount to the bank account of the borrower.

The loan interest is calculated on a daily bases on the outstanding balance for all credit types based on calendar year of 365 days, denominator` 365.


The Interest is paid on monthly basis. The terms of the principal repayments and its amounts are agreed with the borrower.

Updated  27/09/2019