RA Civil Code
RA Law on Banks and Bank Activity
RA Law on the Central Bank
RA Law on Bank Secrecy
RA Law on Credit Organizations
RA Law on Limited Liability Companies
RA Law on Banks, Credit Organizations, Investment and Insurance Companies
RA Law on Fight against Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism
RA Law on Financial System Mediator
RA Law on Stock Market
RA Law on Currency Regulation and Currency Control
RA Law on Insurance and Insurance Activity
RA Law on Crediting for Consumption


CBA Policy No 13
CBA Policy No 14
CBA Policy No 15
CBA Policy No 21
“Aniv” UCO LLC Operational Policy Manual

Regulatory Policy on Examination Process of Clients’ Complaints and Claims
Policy on Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism

Normative-Legal Acts

Policy 8/03 “Disclosure of Information by Banks, Credit Organizations, Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers, Investment Companies, Central Depository and Payment-Accounting Systems which carry out Money Transfers”
Policy 8/05 “Bank and Depositor, Creditor and Consumer Communication Procedures, Conditions, Forms and Minimum Requirements”

Other Legal Acts





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